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Get the personal attention that you and your business deserve

so that you can focus on financial growth.

Together at the Top

Welcome to Ascent Accounting

We are an accounting firm located in Northville, Michigan with a mission dedicated to help small businesses and nonprofits move as effectively as possible.

Ascent provides accounting and consulting services that consistently deliver exceptional results. We are a client-centered company with some of the most talented and knowledgeable professionals. We focus on developing trusting, lasting relationships with our clients.

Business owners find they have to wear many hats on a day-to-day basis: visionary, CEO, salesman, collections, payroll administrator, etc. Ascent was created to help you alleviate some of that stress by assisting with your accounting functions. If you've been performing these tasks yourself or don't believe there's room in your budget for a full-time accountant, we can help. 

With our accounting expertise, we can help with your day-to-day functioning, financial reporting, and budgeting and forecasting. 

We also specialize in forensic accounting & investigations — where we dig into the facts and identify the truth you need to handle a case effectively. 

Whether it's a short-term fix or a long-term solution, Ascent is dedicated to take your business to new heights.

If you are a business owner looking for qualified help to create a strategy that will meet your goals for profitability and success, contact our firm today to book your consultation.

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