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Forensic Accounting & Investigations

Analysing Data

Settle and close your case faster

with better results by leveraging digital evidence.

Embezzlement. Fraud. Business litigation.


They can be elements of today's business environment.

Investigating them requires experience, integrity, and determination. Our Ascent team specializes in these investigations.

With more than 20 years of accounting experience, we know

how to dig into the facts and identify the truth you need to

handle your case effectively.

Services Include:

Fraud Investigations

Intermediary with lawyers and local law enforcement

Drafting of new procedures and accounting/cash controls

Anti-Corruption Compliance & Investigations

Financial Reporting Disputes

Employee Embezzlements

Insurance Claims Auditing

Solutions You Can Depend On

We add value to cases in the following ways and more:

Crafting questions to be posed

Responding to questions posed

Identifying documents to be requested or subpoenaed

Identifying individuals who are most knowledgeable of facts

Conducting research relevant to facts of the case

Identifying and preserving key evidence

Analyzing produced records and other information for facts

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