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The financial side of a business has many moving parts.

Here are four primary services Ascent provides to guide your business to reach new heights:

Financial Reporting

At Ascent, we will make sure you have an industry-standard chart of accounts — including appropriate categorization of expenses, ease of quarterly and year-end reporting & review. 

Financial reporting is the process of producing financial statements that disclose an organization's financial status to management, investors, and the government.

External financial statements include:

income statement of comprehensive income, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and statement of stockholders' equity.

Forensic Accounting 

& Investigations

In quantifying a disputed amount or financial loss, Ascent leaves no detail aside. From reviewing irregularities in financials to identifying devices that contain digital evidence — nothing is left to chance. 

From asset tracing to financial fraud and misappropriation — Ascent will dive into all facets of your finances.

Budgeting & Forecasting

A budget is a set of plans that quantitatively describe an entity's projected future operations.

A budget is a yardstick against which to measure actual results, for allocation of funding, and as a plan for future operations.

System Implementation

A system is a method of keeping track of your accounting information all in one place.

Using current software, such as Quickbooks Online, simplifies the day-to-day tasks of a business owner. 

Moving your data into this system can be confusing and time-consuming. Let us help set up your accounting system quickly! 

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