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Kris Miller

Hey there!

I’m Kris. Furbaby owner, coffee drinker and football watcher.

I fully believe in having a second act in life. I started my business after being an accountant and employee in corporate America for two and a half decades.

While some may find being a business owner is risky, I find it freeing. I started my own business because I wanted freedom. Freedom of schedule, freedom to determine my own value and freedom to chart my own course.

Personality wise, I bowl down the middle of being detail-oriented and being a creative. My creativity shows up in my problem-solving abilities.

I want to show other business how to fish more effectively with their business finances. I don’t necessarily want to fish for them.

I understand and prioritize technology for the purpose of making something more streamlined in my life or business.

Relationships will always be the most important thing in life. Work to build bridges not burn them.

- Kris Miller

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